Top 7 Best Horn Brands in India

The default car horns fitted in the vehicle generally have low quality and lack good sound. So while you are in the traffic, you may get trouble passing through. Due to that reason having a good quality horn for the car becomes a necessity. There is a wide range of car horns options available in the market and online, for you to choose from. Pick the best one for your vehicle. Pick the best car horn brand in India at Carorbis and quality sound during drives.

To resolve this hassle of you “for best car horns” online, you can easily surf down to “Carorbis”, where we had a curated list made for you, to select from. At Carorbis, we sell quality horns that have the optimum frequency, accurate volume, and best sound effects. For two-wheelers, the horns are available with one sound effect but for cars, there are multiple sound effects available.

The life span of these quality brands’ car horns is good enough, so you don’t have to visit the repair shops for a few years. There are multiple customization options available these days with the car horns so that the frequency can be adjusted. So the best part is they come with a sound that won’t irritate your ears. Shop the best accessories for cars at Carorbis.

So we had listed some top automobile manufacturing companies, that sell out best car horns for you- 

Bosch symphony horn:

Bosch horn have a frequency between 420/500Hz and a voltage of up to 12V. Bosch horns go perfectly with passenger cars, SUVs, and other commercial vehicles. It is quite easy to install in a car without any hindrance and is extremely functional. It comes with the most unique features to cater to the customer’s need at its best and provide the best service coming to car horns.

Bosch horn comprises both low tone and high tone, coming in a set of 2 horns. It enhances the driving experience at its best and provides good-quality sound. Also helps drivers determine the warning signal. Getting a Bosch horn for your car is the ultimate right choice.

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Super 1321 4-Pin Electronic Horn (12V):

Super 1321 horn comes with a stylish chrome design that looks very appealing to customers. These horns sound like nothing else and look great on the road. Hella is best known for its quality, and so they justify the same, its car horns provide a high level of safety with the best design in the market.

They have a frequency of 410/510Hz and a voltage of 12V. The super car horns guarantee customer satisfaction, optimum fit, and yes very much long-lasting. Super has built customer trust years in automotive technologies and more to go.

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PRIKNIK horns are best for passenger cars and SUVs. They have a voltage of 12V and 130 decibels of sound. It provides dual tone application. PRIKNIK car horns are generally made up of aluminum and are best known for their quality and comfort. They provide customer satisfaction at their best.

OSHOTTO loud sound horns:

OSHOTTO horns are a perfect fit both in cars and bikes. They have been made to serve the needs of both two-wheeler and four-wheelers. They have generally quite loud sounds compared to the other car horns in the market. Made up of ABS plastic material, they have 139 dB of sound steel trumpet designed for cars and bikes.

The trumpet is 60% louder than the factory horns. Fitting an OSHOTTO car horn is quite simple, they go well in the place of company fitted horn, and using basic wiring and following up the instructions, you can easily install them. 

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Roots Roots horn:

Roots Roots is a highly reliable car horn brand in the Indian market for years and years to come. Roots is an ISO/TS 16949-certified company. They design horns in such a way that the horns are electromagnetic signaling. They are highly durable and comfortable. One can perfectly rely on them for the best quality good sound. They have been designed for two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and four-wheelers.

Their attractive design is loved by the customers. Roots car horns have a high-quality diaphragm and contact points.

All Extreme car horns:

They are long-lasting, easy to install, loud sound horns with sturdy material. Gives safety warnings and a durable electric vibrating horn last for years. It has adopted membrane filter technology with waterproof and propulsive gas.

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AIR WINK trumpet horns:

They have a super loud and explosive sound. It gives maximum output, a crisp loud sound. The metal body of the horn is powered to avoid rusting. They have copper wire fitting to ensure long durability. They are best known for their quality and sound.
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